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Action Plan for a Safe Office

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General Recommendations

Avoidance of peak usage
Hotspot recommends that all members introduce staggered shifts. This allows the density to be kept low even at peak times. As a special service, Hotspot members can also use rooms that are not allocated to them, if available, to further increase the physical distances.

Make use of the stairwells
We recommend using the two staircases instead of the lifts. In order to further minimise possible contact points, we suggest that the right stairs should be used for going up and the left stairs for going down.

Ride your bike instead of using local public transport
At this time we do not recommend the use of public transportation. Given the
early summer weather, we recommend cycling to the office as a good and environmentally friendly alternative. Showers and dressing rooms are available
in the building at level -2.

Current measures and house rules

Keep the distance
Pay attention that the required physical distance of 2 meters is maintained, particularly at the reception and in public areas. Please do not spend more than 15 minutes in informal conversations also mind the signs in front of the reception and the coffee shop counter.

Body temperature measurement
Everyone will be tested by Hana, Alex or Daniel with a non-contact thermometer upon entering the Hotspot premises. Only people without fever (above 37.3° C) and no symptoms will be allowed to enter.

Please inform us immediately if you experience any symptoms and also which people you’ve had contact with. In our common interest we’ve go to make sure the disease doesn’t secretly spread out.

Use of face masks
Wearing a mask during the whole time spent in the premises is mandatory. We currently have enough masks in stock and would be happy to provide them to our members free of charge at the reception.

Regular disinfection
Please use Hotspot disinfectant dispensers before entering the space.

The entrance doors to the building and particularly exposed surfaces are cleaned even more frequently than usual. We are also disinfecting all your desks and separators early in the morning. Please keep this routine throughout the day, you will find a spray on your desk.

Safe waste disposal
Please dispose your masks, gloves and wipes in the special bio hazard containers in each open space.

Excellent air quality and cleaning
The ventilation is increased, using significantly more fresh air and thus ensures an even better air exchange:

  • The circulating air convectors (“fan coils”) controlled by thermostats, which only recirculate the breathing air, are switched off in the first phase. The heating or cooling in the office space is initially carried out using fresh air only and cannot be controlled individually.
  • On the north side, please use the windows that can be opened to ventilate manually more often.

Meeting rooms
A break of at least 15 minutes between meetings is mandatory, and we disinfect the surfaces before using them again. Depending on the size, only a certain number of participants is allowed.

When booking meeting rooms, a Zoom meeting can now also be generated automatically. All invited guests automatically get Zoom access to the meeting.

Our conference room has been converted into a video conference studio. Your events in the Hotspot Workhub can be broadcast professionally live.
5 TV cameras, cordless microphones and other professional equipment enable
the transmission of your lectures and panels on the Internet, for example as a Zoom webinar.

Maximum occupation
No more than 5 people are allowed to use the kitchen simultaneously. The toilet rooms are to be used by only one person at a time.

Plexiglass protective walls
If necessary, protection made of plexiglass can be attached to workplaces that are close together.

Logistics and courier services
Courier services without exception have no access to our spaces. All parcels and letters must be handed in at the reception on the ground floor. Our members also have to pick them up from there.

Hotspot café
Our café will reopen soon, offering Black Habit coffee, drinks and packaged food 
only for take away.

So that there are not too many people in the kitchen at the same time, we have installed an additional coffee machine, a water dispenser and a microwave in the café area. You are welcome to use the cafe’s tables and chairs for breakfast, brunch or lunch – of course, you can also eat your own food here.

Dishes and cutlery
Please place used plates and cutlery in the sink. Our cleaning service washes them in the dishwasher at high temperatures. For environmental reasons, we want to avoid disposable cups and cutlery as much as possible.

Catering and food deliveries
To further reduce possible risks, Hotspot has decided to temporarily ban food deliveries from external companies. The Mark restaurant provides catering and has taken measures to ensure safe deliver. Please contact the reception for detail about the procedure.

Further improvements

  • The tap in the kitchen can now be operated using a non-contact sensor.
  • The air exchange in the toilets has been increased significantly to avoid the congestion of air.
  • The intervals for the maintenance of ventilation systems and for changing
air filters have been greatly reduced.


Medium-term measures

Non-contact door openers
We are examining the possibility of installing automatic openers for the entrance doors to the space and the entrance doors to the toilets.

Video conference facilities
The meeting rooms will gradually be equipped with video conference systems (Zoom and MS Teams).

Cleaning the air convectors
We are working on a solution to keep the air convectors clean and to clean
them regularly.

Outdoor Workplaces
We are currently negotiating with the landlord about the use of the lawn behind the building as outdoor workplaces. We are also considering a kiosk for the Hotspot café.

Revision 2 / May 19 2020

Service & Support

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