Meet the people behind Hotspot Café’s yummy foods – London Street Bakery

In this short interview you get to meet the creative people behind the food brand served at Hotspot Café: London Street Bakery! They make delicious hand-made food, 100% Gluten Free and 0 % refined sugar!

They put a lot of dedication in all the cooking process and use only natural ingredients that are also rich in nutrients. They love to make tasty vegan food too, high in protein and low in carbs.


What is your food philosophy?

It has to taste good AND be nutritious! It’s very easy to have one without the other and quite complex to make a vegan gluten free low calories meal that doesn’t taste like cardboard 🙂

Tell us a few words about you two, please.

We are currently working on a bigger project to encompass the two brands we have now which are the LoveBirds Crackers and the London Street Bakery products from Hotspot, but you can find us and our weekly menu at

Tudor is a graphic designer and a chef:
Started cooking 10 years ago, always enjoyed it, wanted to make a business out of it and chose to make a bunch of goodies for a lot of people to enjoy. Takes care of the kitchen where all the magic happens and creates logos and packaging in his free time. Loves raccoons, pasta and red wine.

Rachel is an accountant and a chef:
Started cooking 30 years ago with her family, had a restaurant and a catering business also wanted to cook and provide friends and customers with awesome products so she started the kitchen where we do our thing. Tries to bake as much as humanly possible.
Loves jam, traveling and baking.

How is London Street Bakery at Hotspot events? 

For each event we want to set up a refreshing menu, suited for the place and the context. So great tasting, nutritious snack and light food ideas, not heavy or carb rich. At Hotspot Café we serve high protein gluten free food. This is a perfect fit for such an active place. For events that take place here, we are channeling the same energy and try to make lovely quick bites that taste great but don’t leave you lethargic. So, on short – vegetarian, quick and energetic. This is how it was also for our first event here – Hotspot Aperitivo.

What made you choose to collaborate with Hotspot Workhub?
We chose Hotspot because we met in the same diagram of principles so we’re a great fit for each other.

Tell us in three words what food means for you.
Delicious, veggie and nutritious.


7 Levels of Drawing with Stefan Davidovici Architect – 13th May, 18:00

7 LEVELS OF DRAWING, Reflections on Free-hand Drawing and Architecture

Stefan Davidovici
Lecturer, NABA Milan


‘I draw all the time’
(Cino Zucchi, Inspiration and process in Architecture, Moleskine 2012)



These reflections about free-hand drawing or architecture are born straight from direct professional practice. They are supposed to stimulate students and architects to use free-hand drawing, a technical and intellectual instrument connected with architecture since its dawn, that nowadays demonstrates its increasing relevance in the context of the dominance of the digital representation technologies in our field.

Gradually, in successive steps, the reflections enlarge the perspective of what free-hand drawing can do. Starting from the first level, the basic representation of reality, we go on towards properly perceiving the space around us; including the fourth dimension, the time, in our representations; leaving the realm of form and function to explore freely imaginary architectures; and finally learning to make and use abstract drawings. Far from being mental acrobatics or simple demonstrations of graphic skill, these uses of drawing are instruments used to improve, during time, our intellectual and design skills.

The reflections revolve around one of the main functions of free-hand drawings for architects – expressing the conceptual thinking at the base of any project – but they touch it only in the last step, the only one not illustrated with the author’s drawings, that discusses the ever-disputed connection between the ability to draw and the ability to produce high-quality architecture.

Theoretical references are avoided, in order to enhance the immediacy and accessibility of the message.

The lecture is fully illustrated with screen projections of hand-made drawings, mostly by the author, and takes around 45 minutes.
The lecture is paired with one/two session/s of live drawing for three hours.
A selection of drawings that illustrate the seven levels is exposed for the duration of the RDW.




Drawing what we see, as opposed to simply snapping one more picture with our cellphone, puts us in direct, active relation with our subjects. We literally have to pass what we see through our eyes, minds and fingers. The result is that drawing makes us understand what we see at a much deeper and more intuitive level.
But most drawings depict just a simplified image of a frozen-in-time reality seen from a single point of view.

At any given moment, our perception of space is built from a small area of focused image and a much-larger, unclear sphere of space around it; in this very moment the reader of this text can perceive the room around him/her without having to specifically look outside this page. In this respect ‘larger’ drawings are more true to reality than the regular, ‘focused’ ones.

Our perception of any given space is not limited to a single photogram, but is a complex mental construction made out of a succession of images put together.
Time is a fundamental element in creating this ‘mental image’ and can become part of our drawings in a variety of ways.

We have no reason whatsoever to stop our exploration of the expressiveness of the Architectural space – the one original artistic side of Architecture – at the buildings we manage to realize during our careers. The exploration of imaginary architectures is a cost-free, powerful mental-gymnastics exercise for architects.

Imaginary architectures slowly give way to actual abstract drawings, where lines of force organize themselves in ways that escape our logic but seem to respect a superior, complex order.

Is anything we do – including the reflections just presented and the drawings that illustrate them – really original? Doesn’t seem so – humanity seems to advance mostly incrementally, in small steps that always are based on previous achievements. Our own drawings will seldom – if at all – be amazing, original works of art, but even the humblest sketch has its own value and represents a step ahead for the person that made it. Originality is personal.

Are the ability to draw and the ability to produce high-quality architecture connected or inter-dependent? Wonderful question with many answers. What is certain is that a consistent set of anecdotic evidence suggests that most great architects tend to express themselves easily through free-hand drawing.


Stefan Davidovici Architect and Lecturer, NABA Milan


#MembersOfProxi – Interview with Ada Antofi, Visual Content Creator

We’re back with our series of #MembersOfProxi interviews with entrepreneurs, teams and freelancers who chose the inspiring space of Hotspot Proxi – Modul flexoffice for their remote work. This time, we had the chance to talk to the members of a creative agency.

Ada Antofi, the visual content creator, was more than happy to let us take a peek behind the scenes of what she does and share her impressions of this #hotspotspace.

Hey, Ada! Please tell us a few words about you and your work!

Hey! I am 23 years old and passionate about visual content creation, fashion and beauty. I work on different projects now, doing photo shootings, video content and visual identities for various brands.

Each day comes with surprises as we have a very dynamic rhythm, but I am flexible and eager to help build the new projects together with the team.

What was the process in choosing the flexible working option?

Since the pandemic, our agency decided to let us work from wherever we feel safe and comfortable. So, even if we sometimes gather the entire team, most of the time we keep virtual meetings and everybody works from home or any other space that has the facilities we need.

Why did you choose to work from Hotspot Proxi?

I really enjoy working from Hotspot Proxi because it’s in the center of the city, so me and my colleagues can easily arrive here and also this place has that cozy atmosphere I am looking for all the time. It’s quiet, relaxing so I can be very productive and creative in what I do. Not to mention the great coffee and tea!

How would you describe Hotspot Proxi Modul in 3 words?

Cozy, playful, creative.

#MembersOfHotspot – Interview with Raluca Iorgulescu – Client Service Manager, High Level

For those who don’t know you yet, please tell us a few words about High Level.

High Level is a full-service BTL advertising agency, founded in 2006.
We have experience in all types of BTL services and work with clients in many fields, specializing in telecom, fmcg and finance.
We like to work with people and we have coordinated thousands of people over time. We like to form teams that last over time, to produce promotional campaigns and organize Events.
Our customers chose us because we are serious, trustworthy, we never promised more than we could do but we often delivered much more than we promised.

What are the essential or innovative aspects of the solution you propose?

The essential aspects of the services we offer to our clients are the fact that we as a Team have been together for 15 years and we have seen and done a lot together.
We sometimes joke and say that we will write a book with all of our experiences.
We always think of the most efficient, feasible, achievable solutions, as if we were making them for ourselves and paying them with our personal money. That is, we take care to offer the best service for the business context of each client.

How and why did High Level choose to have offices at Hotspot?

We came to visit the Hotspot Workhub flexoffice on a rainy, cloudy February day, and we loved it.
My thought is that if you like a place on a less sunny day, then you will like it on any other day of the year and you will come to work in that place with pleasure.
We liked the location of the building, the interior design, especially the common spaces and the access to the facilities.

How is the team doing here?

Our team feels very integrated in the space of Hotspot and appreciates the fact that we feel part of Hotspot’s community and receive help when we need it.
Everything is very clean and safe accordingly the health context we live in these times. Hotspot’s team gives us permanent diversity, and this is a wonderful thing, which refreshes the routine of office work.

What are Hotspot’s facilities that are most useful and enjoyable for you in your business?

We like the fact that we have our own dedicated office, but at the same time we can use the open space area when we feel the need to see another decor. We also used the meeting rooms whenever we needed to. In addition, we like to eat together in the kitchen. We appreciate the constant maintenance of cleanliness and the fact that there is always someone at the Hotspot who can help us with a personalized request (Like when Hana bought us cake candles. It was great!).

If you were to describe Hotspot in three words, what would those be?

Modern, friendly, central.




#MembersOfHotspot – Interviu cu Raluca Iorgulescu – Client Service Manager, High Level


Pentru cei care inca nu va cunosc, spune-ne cateva cuvinte despre High Level.

High Level este o agentie de publicitate BTL full-service, fondata in 2006.
Avem experienta in toate tipurile de servicii BTL si lucram cu clienti din foarte multe domenii, cu specializare in telecom, fmcg si finance.
Ne place sa lucram cu oameni si am coordonat mii de oameni de-a lungul timpului. Ne place sa formam echipe care rezista in timp, sa producem campanii promotionale si sa organizam Evenimente.
Clientii nostri ne-au ales pentru ca suntem seriosi, de incredere, nu am promis niciodata mai mult decat puteam face dar am livrat de multe ori mult mai mult decat am promis.

Care sunt aspectele esentiale sau inovatoare ale solutiei propuse de voi?

Aspectele esentiale ale serviciilor pe care le oferim clientilor nostri sunt faptul ca noi ca Echipa, suntem de 15 ani impreuna si am vazut si am facut multe impreuna.
Glumim cateodata si spunem ca vom scrie o carte cu toate experientele noastre.
Gandim mereu solutii cat mai eficiente, fezabile, realizabile, ca si cum le-am face pentru noi si le-am plati din banii nostri personali. Adica avem grija sa oferim cel mai bun serviciu, in contextul de business al fiecarui client.

Cum si de ce a ales High Level sa aiba birourile la Hotspot?

Am venit sa vizitam birourile de la Hotspot Workhub intr-o zi ploioasa si intunecoasa de februarie si ne-a placut din prima.
Gandul meu este ca daca un loc iti va placea intr-o zi fara soare, atunci iti va placea in oricare alta zi a anului si vei veni sa muncesti in acel loc cu placere.
Ne-a placut locatia cladirii, cum este amenajat tot spatiul in interior, mai ales spatiile comune si accesul la facilitati.

Cum se simte echipa aici?

Echipa noastra se simte foarte integrata in spatiul Hotspot si apreciaza mult faptul ca ne simtim parte din comunitatea Hotspot si primim ajutor atunci cand avem nevoie.
Totul este foarte curat si sigur in contextul sanitar pe care il traim in aceste vremuri. Echipa Hotspot ne ofera diversitate permanent, iar asta este un lucru minunat, care intrerupe rutina lucratului la birou.

Care sunt facilitatile de la Hotspot care va sunt cele mai utile si placute in activitatea voastra?

Ne place faptul ca avem biroul nostru dedicat, dar in acelasi timp putem folosi zona de open space cand simtim nevoia sa vedem alt decor. De asemenea, am folosit salile de sedinta ori de cate ori am avut nevoie. In plus, ne place sa mancam impreuna in bucatarie. Apreciem intretinerea permanenta a curateniei si faptul ca exista tot timpul cineva de la Hotspot care ne poate intampina cate o solicitare personalizata (Cum ar fi atunci cand Hana ne-a cumparat lumanari de tort. A fost super!).

Daca ar fi sa descrii Hotspot prin trei cuvinte, care ar fi acelea?

Modern, prietenos, central.


A new trend has arisen: Working remotely from the Ski Resort

At the beginning of the year we have the best time for skiing or snowboarding, as the temperatures drop and there is plenty of snow on the slopes. Experienced skiers, but also intermediates can really cover some ground, as most of the ski resorts are open by now – locally and in other countries. There are plenty of  ski schools and instructors, so it can be the perfect time for beginners to start learning a new sport and discover a new passion.

The pandemics helped with the concept of remote working (and a more flexible schedule), so why not work in the mornings and enjoy the ski slope during the lunch break or in the afternoon? A lot of employees, but also managers, CEOs and freelancers took the opportunity and chose the ski resorts instead of their home town for this month. It is an enjoyable way of spending the first month of the year and also a great way to tick some resolutions regarding sport and movement early on.

The last two years showed us the importance of sport for a healthy lifestyle and for a fresh mind and increased motivation at work, so working remotely from the ski resort can help you be productive and relax at the same time.

Spend time with your family in some fresh and open air and get them involved in some fun activities together on weekends or in the afternoon, after work. The working program is now more flexible than ever, so it’s up to you how you spend your free time. Ski schools, nurseries or children playgrounds can be found in almost every resort, so don’t worry about this. Every member of the family can find a way of enjoying it.

Combine working with skiing and discover new places, new cultures, new people. Taste different food and enjoy the change of scenery once in a while. Everything you could imagine is now possible and it can be done easily. You need only a laptop and some WIFI at the hotel room and you can keep all your meetings online and work in the same way as you did from home.

If you haven’t already booked your tickets or you plan a second trip, now is the perfect time!

When you are back in Bucharest, a new flexoffice for your remote work awaits to be discovered: Hotspot Proxi, situated in Modul Carturesti, at the ground floor of the University of Architecture and Urban Planning of Bucharest. Freshly open in the heart of the city center:

You have here all the professional facilities you need to work on your projects and a bohemian atmosphere that for sure will inspire you every day.


#MembersOfHotspot – Interview with Andreas SCHLOTE, Co-founder Hotspot Workhub

We hit the start of 2022 with a dear interview to us, with Andreas SCHLOTE, co-founder of Hotspot Workhub, who believed since the beginning in the visionary concept of this unique professional workhub.


Can you tell us a few words about your involvement in the development of Hotspot?

The Hotspot project is an ongoing process. The first idea came out in a discussion with the REC Partners board members two and a half years ago – February 2019 – in Frankfurt. Also it was an old dream of mine and Tudor’s (Tudor Popp) to do such projects, to develop them. I have done sketches for something like this more than 10 years ago – aiming to gather a great diversity of clients in a single location and to have additional services for their needs.
So Tudor came in with a much more detailed idea and AHK Romania already became interested in it. This was a confirmation that we were on the right track and we kept our spirits high all along developing it. Now the involvement is much more than at the beginning and we have perspectives for growth.

What is your experience with offices and what brought you to Romania?

My former job was as Manager Director of Quickborner Team (QT) and now I bring all this experience in being a discussion partner for Tudor in the process of developing Hotspot – a project I trust and believed in since the beginning and in which I invested not just money but ideas and energy. I love the idea and the dynamic of this special market, because when you look back, we had lots of years with always the same boring offices and now it’s like we are in a fast machine driving to a totally different place than the past. And to be part of the development of this next big step is so interesting. This is so much more than delivering space to the customer. It is about developing services that the customer will need in the future. Offices are more and more a place where people meet and the place of working is everywhere. This makes the process of designing more fun, to make it serve the purpose of the concept.

My career in this domain started a long time ago in a consulting company that “invented” the Landscape Office (the first open space concept) and we did projects all around the world, before the so-called “cubical” office was a thing. I have worked on offices for thousands and thousands of workplaces and on important projects for big companies, gaining a wide perspective on what this kind of place means for each category of users. I come back to the saying that it is not only about the space, it’s about how a company can work best.

What are your perspectives now on what you are doing for REC and Hotspot?

As me and my team worked to develop and improve the workplaces, every time we looked at what the workers are doing and how this can be changed. I have done such a job for Commerzbank for the process of giving credit to the customers. We put all the steps involved in a scheme on a wall to make it viewable and this way we could have a different perspective and find ways to make everything more efficient, as the customers need, and transform let’s say 73 steps into just 3.

This is what I want to bring now, additional to what we are doing here at Hotspot. To offer more organizational consultancy. Therefore, we offer the space and the system for the customer to work better than its competitors. So they come to us to work better, not just for the place. It’s a big difference! This way you don’t just evolve your business, you have in the same place companies that may collaborate in the future and innovate. I see pictures from different workhubs and I see that this part is missing.

My focus is to look primarily at the process, to support it and understand all the insights. This is also the main idea behind REC and what we have done in the past for Fraport, the operating company of Frankfurt Airport. We helped them reorganize lots of things and with all this background we want to bring the best supporting product on the market now.

What was your impression when you first saw the finished project?

Tudor was and is the right person to do this. He has experience in designing, attention to details and knows how to transform into reality everything that we discuss. Otherwise, we have made the right choices for Hotspot. Can’t be better – the location is good, the building is modern, the design and the objects are top notch, the area, the restaurants…everything is perfectly linked. And putting aside the other aspects, COVID is also giving a push for this change that is needed. In a couple of years, every big working space has to have at least a part of it managed by companies like us. And landlords will have to take this into serious consideration.

What do you see in the future for Hotspot?

We see this concept developing in Romania and also in other countries, especially in Eastern Europe.

#MembersOfHotspot – Interview with Ana Stanescu, Co-founder PlaYouth

We continue our series of #MembersOfHotspot interviews with entrepreneurs and freelancers who have chosen to work from the creative space of Hotspot Proxi. These talks with the people from Hotspot community inspire us and motivate us to offer the best solutions for the development of the business environment in Romania.

Today we talked to Ana Stănescu, a brave entrepreneur, who started her own business at the age of 24. She is the co-founder of PlaYouth, an NGO that through its projects supports non-formal education, the development of the relationship between children and parents and brings alternative solutions for the development of teachers. Moreover, PlaYouth has in its portfolio CSR and employee loyalty projects.

Hello, Ana! Please tell us a few words about you and PlaYouth!
Hello and I’m glad to have the opportunity to have this discussion with you!

About me? I don’t even know what to start with 🙂 I am a mother of 1 year and 11 months, but even if it is a demanding and beautiful role in my life, I find solutions to efficiently divide my time between the professional and the personal side. This new role also motivates me professionally, because it makes me aware of the importance of PlaYouth’s mission, but it challenges me to find alternative workspaces that meet the constantly changing needs of mine and my team.

PlaYouth is the business I created from scratch, together with a team of talented and ambitious young people and which, after more than 6 years, remained my soul project. Through it we want to change the way children, parents and teachers develop and interact with each other, this important “triangle” for a solid foundation in our society.
At the same time, the demands on the corporate side have increased, the managers understanding the importance of connecting people and extra work activities, which helps them get closer and maintain a balance between personal and professional, and we facilitate such actions.

How did PlaYouth’s activity change with the pandemic?
It has changed enormously, I would have really wished for this not to have happened, because now most of the activities take place online, but we believe that this was a business lesson, that of being able to adapt to the market context and to the reality of which we are a part of.

Most activities now take place with adults, parents and teachers. If at the beginning we tried to hold activities with children, we quickly adapted by proposing a very flexible calendar in the market because nothing corresponded to what we were used to, many events were planned and canceled due to restrictions, so we changed the target audience and the activities we offer. But now we are delighted with the switch that the business has made and we have met many teachers eager to learn.

We have adapted many of our activities and created workshops for employees, through which they can spend time together, from which they can take energy and inspiration and through which they can get to know their team better.
In addition, we carry out CSR projects for the benefit of children in day centers or placement centers, adapted to the new conditions in which we can work with them.

Why did you choose to work at Hotspot Proxi during this period?
This space fits very well with me and the team. Personally, when I need inspiration or peace, I choose to go to a bookstore – I usually read or just walk among the shelves. I can do this here, but I also have a space equipped with all the tools I need when I work. I can focus here, and the decision-making process is much easier. It is definitely a place that inspires you and has it all. Also, after I leave the “mobile office” I can buy something nice as a surprise for my kid.

In our family, we have never been fans of combining the “home” space with the “office” space, but in the current situation we have to do this, so Hotspot Proxi is a real help when you feel the need for alternatives.

How did you like the atmosphere here? What caught your attention?
Another important place for me, after the bookstores, is BCU – the Central Library in Cluj – where I studied for college exams and where I like to come back whenever I have the opportunity. There is a lot of peace, there are books and people studying. I had the same feeling here – I have a space dedicated to me, where I can solve everything related to PlaYouth tasks and processes. Moreover, it is in a central area and I have everything I need for the professional part – professional facilities, ergonomic furniture and a meeting room with the “different” vibe.

I really liked the design, the arrangement of the tables, the atmosphere – it’s a very interesting mix between study and relaxation. You feel good when you work here and ideas flow more easily, discussions are more energetic, even if some are only online 🙂 I also noticed the very good sound background – I heard here one of my favorite songs of all time.

Describe Hotspot Proxi workspace inside Verso Carturesti in 3 words.
Artistic, Practical, Inspirational.



#MembersOfHotspot – Interviu cu Ana Stanescu, Co-fondator PlaYouth

Continuam seria noastra de interviuri #MembersOfHotspot cu antreprenori si freelanceri care au ales sa lucreze din spatiul creativ de la Hotspot Proxi. Aceste discutii cu oamenii din comunitatea Hotspot ne inspira si ne motiveaza sa oferim cele mai bune solutii pentru dezvoltarea mediului de business din Romania.

Azi am discutat cu Ana Stănescu, o antreprenoare curajoasa, care si-a lansat propriul business la varsta de 24 de ani. Este co-fondator PlaYouth, ONG care prin proiectele sale sustine educatia non-formala, dezvoltarea relatiei dintre copii si parinți si aduce solutii alternative pentru dezvoltarea profesorilor. Mai mult decat atat, PlaYouth are in portofoliu proiecte de CSR si de fidelizare a angajatilor.

Buna, Ana! Te rugam sa ne spui cateva cuvinte despre tine si PlaYouth!
Buna si ma bucur sa avem ocazia sa discutam!

Despre mine? Nici nu știu cu ce să încep 🙂 Sunt mamica de 1 an si 11 luni, insa chiar daca este un rol solicitant si frumos in viata mea, gasesc solutii pentru a-mi imparti eficient timpul intre latura profesionala si cea personala. Acest nou rol ma motiveaza si profesional, deoarece ma face sa constientizez importanta misiunii PlaYouth, insa ma provoaca sa gasesc alternative de spatii de lucru care sa raspunda nevoilor constant in schimbare ale mele si ale echipei.

PlaYouth este business-ul pe care l-am creat de la 0, alaturi de o echipa de tineri talentati si ambitiosi și care, dupa mai bine de 6 ani, a ramas proiectul meu de suflet. Prin el ne dorim sa schimbam modul in care se dezvolta si interactioneaza intre ei copiii, parintii si profesorii, acest ”triunghi” important pentru o baza solida in societatea noastra.
In acelasi timp, au crescut cererile pe partea corporate, managerii intelegand importanta conectarii dintre oameni si a activitatilor extra job, care ii ajuta sa se apropie mai mult si sa mentina un echilibru intre personal si profesional, iar noi facilitam astfel de actiuni.

Cum s-a schimbat activitatea PlaYouth odată cu pandemia?
S-a schimbat enorm, mi-as fi dorit extrem de mult sa nu se fi intamplat asta, pentru ca acum mai toate activitatile se desfasoara online, insa credem ca a fost o lectie de business, aceea de a reusi sa ne adaptam contextului pietei si a realitatii din care facem parte.

Cele mai multe activitati se întâmplă acum cu adulți, parinti și profesori. Daca la inceput am incercat sa tinem si activitati cu copiii, ne-am adaptat rapid propunand in piata un calendar foarte flexibil pentru ca nimic nu mai corespundea cu ce eram obișnuiți noi, multe evenimente au fost planificate si anulate din cauza restrictiilor, asa ca am schimbat publicul tinta si activitatile pe care le oferim. Dar acum suntem incantati de switch-ul pe care l-a facut business-ul si am cunoscut multi profesori dornici de invatare.

Am adaptat multe dintre activitatile noastre si am creat workshop-uri destinate angajatilor, prin care acestia sa petreaca un timp impreuna, din care sa isi ia energie si inspiratie si prin care sa isi cunoasca echipa mai bine.
In plus, desfasuram proiecte de CSR in beneficiul copiilor din centrele de zi sau de plasament, adaptate la noile conditii in care putem lucra cu acestia.

De ce ai ales să lucrezi în această perioadă de la Hotspot Proxi?
Acest spatiu se potriveste foarte bine cu mine si cu echipa. Personal, cand am nevoie de inspiratie sau liniste aleg sa merg intr-o librarie – obisnuiesc sa citesc sau doar sa ma plimb printre rafturi. Aici pot sa fac asta, dar am si un spatiu dotat cu toate instrumentele de care am nevoie atunci cand lucrez. Aici ma pot concentra, iar procesul de luare a deciziilor este mult mai facil. E cu siguranta un loc care te inspira si le are pe toate. Apoi, pot sa ii mai iau si celui mic cate o surpriza cand plec de la “biroul mobil”.

In familia noastra, nu am fost niciodata adeptii imbinarii spatiului de ”acasa” cu cel de ”birou”, insa in situatia actuala suntem nevoiti sa facem asta, asa ca Hotspot Proxi e un real ajutor atunci cand simti nevoia de alternative.

Cum ti s-a părut atmosfera de aici? Ce ti-a atras atentia?
Un alt loc important pentru mine, dupa librării, e BCU – Biblioteca Centrala din Cluj – unde invatam pentru examenele din facultate si unde imi place sa revin de cate ori am ocazia. Acolo e multa liniste, sunt carti si oameni care studiaza. Aceeasi stare am trait-o si aici – am un spatiu dedicat mie, in care pot rezolva tot ce tine zilnic de task-urile si procesele PlaYouth. Mai mult, este intr-o zona centrala si am tot ce este nevoie pentru partea profesionala – facilitati profesionale, mobilier ergonomic si o sala de sedinte “altfel”.

Mi-au placut mult design-ul, aranjarea meselor, atmosfera – e un mix foarte interesant intre studiu si relaxare. Te simti bine cand lucrezi aici si ideile curg mai usor, discutiile sunt cu mai multa energie, chiar daca unele sunt doar online 🙂 Am remarcat si fundalul sonor foarte bun – am auzit aici una dintre piesele mele preferate din toate timpurile. Ce-ti poti dori mai mult?

Descrie in 3 cuvinte spatiul de lucru Hotspot Proxi din incinta Verso Carturesti.
Artistic, Practic, Inspirational.

#MembersOfHotspot – Interview with Rafat Kamal – Managing Director, REC Immpuls

REC is the company behind the Hotspot project, with offices in Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Köln and Bucharest, and one of Hotspot’s first members.

REC stands for Real Estate Consultancy and its international team of engineers, architects and economists offers consulting, project management, design and technical expertise services for real estate investors and developers, covering all stages of a project.
Today we got the chance to talk to Rafat Kamal – Managing Director, REC Immpuls – about the business and how #hotspotworkhub is a real helper in their activity.


What does your company do and what would be some important projects?
REC stands for Real Estate Consultancy. Basically, we offer services for real estate developers at all stages of a project, through consulting, project management, design and TDD technical expertise.
REC Partners GmbH is an international team of engineers, architects, and economists with offices in Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and, through REC Immpuls, also in Bucharest. For the past 15 years, the company has supported clients across Europe in developing, managing, and improving real estate projects of more than 10 million square meters.

Hotspot Workhub is the pilot project in Bucharest, created with a unique approach to flexible offices/coworking hubs. Hotspot makes a difference with its premium work environment and the contemporary ‘New York’ look. Very high ceilings, huge glass surfaces bringing in plenty of light and the city scopes around, an awarded interior design project.

How does REC feel at Hotspot, and what advantages does working here offer you?
We are among the first members of Hotspot. Every day we enjoy what we actually didn’t have in our old headquarters – the spacious high tech meeting rooms, the quality of the lighting, the audio and video systems and the spectacular atmosphere of the space impacting our team in terms of efficiency, creativity and comfort.

What do you think about Hotspot’s location?
Well it’s quite a location! We are in one of the best built buildings in town and also so close to the main train station, at a 3 minutes walking distance! The team also uses the train to get to the airport, it’s a time saving advantage.

Which are the most useful and pleasant Hotspot facilities for your activity?
For us, definitely useful are the meeting rooms with their interactive screens. We also take breaks and enjoy playing ping pong or having fitness or yoga sessions.

What do clients and partners say when they come to Hotspot for meetings?
They all love it. The professionalism of the execution and the fact that we work in a truly prestigious office are usually the first things making an impress on our visitors.

How would you describe Hotspot in three words?
Elegant, efficient, smart.



MembersOfHotspot – Interviu cu Rafat Kamal – Managing Director, REC Immpuls


REC este compania din spatele proiectului Hotspot, cu birouri in Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Köln si Bucuresti, si unul dintre primii membri.

REC ofera Consultanta Imobiliara, iar echipa sa internationala de ingineri, arhitecti si economisti ofera servicii de consultanta, management de proiect, proiectare si expertiza tehnica pentru investitorii si dezvoltatorii imobiliari, acoperind toate etapele unui proiect.
Astazi am avut ocazia sa vorbim cu Rafat Kamal – Managing Director, REC Immpuls – despre business si despre cum #hotspotworkhub este un adevarat ajutor in activitatea lor.


Cu ce se ocupa compania voastra si care ar fi cateva proiecte importante?
REC inseamna Real Estate Consultancy. Oferim servicii de consultanta, proiectare, management de proiect si expertize tehnice TDD, acoperind practic toate etapele necesare proiectelor dezvoltatorilor imobiliari.
REC Partners GmbH este o echipa internationala de ingineri, arhitecti si economisti cu birouri in Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Köln si, prin REC Immpuls, in Bucuresti. In ultimii 15 ani, compania a sprijinit clienti din toata Europa in dezvoltarea, gestionarea si imbunatatirea unor proiecte imobiliare de peste 10 milioane de metri patrati.

Hotspot Workhub este proiectul pilot prin care s-a urmarit o abordare inedita in crearea unui spatiu premium de birouri flexibile si de coworking. Hotspot se diferentiaza prin mediul de lucru premium si stilul contemporan newyorkez – cu plafoane inalte, mari suprafete vitrate care lasa sa intre lumina si peisajul urban, cu un design interior premiat in industrie.

Cum se simte echipa REC la Hotspot si ce avantaje va ofera lucrul de aici?
Suntem printre primii membri Hotspot. In fiecare zi ne bucuram de ceea ce nu aveam in vechiul nostru sediu – de salile de sedinte high tech, disponibile si incapatoare, de calitatea sistemelelor de iluminat, audio si video si de atmosfera spectaculoasa care impacteaza echipa ca eficienta, creativitate si comfort.

Cum ti se pare locatia in care sa afla Hotspot?
Locatia este realmente una speciala – pe langa ca ne aflam in una din cele mai bine executate cladiri noi din oras, suntem si la 3 minute de mers pe jos de Gara de Nord! Noi folosim trenul si pentru aeroport, ne salveaza mult timp.

Care sunt facilitatile Hotspot care va sunt cele mai utile si placute in activitatea de birou?
Cea mai utila este cu siguranta sala de sedinte cu ecrane interactive, iar printre activitatile de entertainment cele mai placute sunt tenisul de masa si sedintele ocazionale de Fitness/Yoga.

Ce parere au clientii si partenerii de proiect cand vin la Hotspot pentru intalniri?
Executia ireprosabila si faptul ca lucram intr-un spatiu de-a dreptul prestigios ii impresioneaza imediat pe vizitatori.

Cum ai descrie Hotspot in trei cuvinte?
Elegant, practic, destept.

#MembersOfHotspot – Interview with Cristina Dumitrescu – Co-founder & Managing Partner, Storage-Logistics

For those who don’t know you yet, tell us a few words about Storage-Logistics.

Storage-Logistics is the first marketplace in Romania, on the “pay as you use” model for warehouses with logistics facilities included, which brought to the logistics market the concept of collaborative B2B economy in terms of storage spaces. The Storage-Logistics marketplace allows companies that are looking for temporary storage space to identify storage spaces with included facilities available in the market, for the quantity of goods and the time required.

By connecting the need for storage with the storage space available in the market, Storage-Logistics easily and efficiently solves the problem of flexibility of storage spaces with included facilities, offering a solution for periods of uncertainty or unplanned storage that companies often face in the market. For those who have their own storage spaces with facilities included – Storage Logistics proposes the generation of new income streams and higher occupancy rates. Thus, we offer a hybrid solution for approaching logistics from which all the actors involved have to gain.

What are the essential or innovative aspects of the solution proposed by you?

At the end of 2020, Storage-Logistics put a bet on the B2B Collaborative Economy for the storage space market. We introduced this innovative concept on the Romanian market, being convinced that many of the companies in the market will identify multiple advantages from using free storage space resources, that they will take advantage of the opportunity to become more profitable by reducing costs and not to engage in long-term contracts for renting too large storage spaces.

Prior to the Storage Logistics marketplace, there was no way to generate revenue from unused surplus space held by warehouses. Any unused space in warehouses has a negative effect on the business itself because profits are low and money is wasted, and we are talking about a minimum of 10-15% of the total space that warehouses have.

How and why did you choose Storage-Logistics to have Hotspot Workhub offices?

In my opinion, Hotspot Workhub, through the Coworking / Open- spaces, also represents a collaborative B2B economy. I strongly believe that this is the future and it seems normal for Storage-Logistics to operate here! Storage-Logistics is a start-up at the beginning of the road, which can grow organically or suddenly depending on many variables, so we made the decision taking into account all the scenarios and being prepared for any situation.

The collaborative economy comes with a multitude of advantages based on efficiency and time for business development and customer needs, more than that it is easy! I think the reasons why you choose it are enough “you pay how much and what you use”.

What are the facilities from Hotspot that are most useful in your activity?

We found at Hotspot what Storage-Logistics customers found in our platform, FLEXIBILITY, the transformation of fixed costs into variable costs and the possibility to have access to a complete service without having to worry about the administrative or logistical part.

How is the team feeling here?

I like to say that Hotspot is more than a space provider, we feel at home here and I am convinced that if I need more space for a bigger team, we will find a solution together.



#MembersOfHotspot – Interviu cu Cristina Dumitrescu – Co-founder & Managing Partner, Storage-Logistics


Pentru cei care inca nu va cunosc, spune-ne cateva cuvinte despre Storage-Logistics.

Storage-Logistics este primul marketplace din Romania, pe modelul “plateste cat folosesti” pentru depozite cu facilitati logistice incluse, care a adus in piata logistica conceptul de economie colaborativa B2B in materie de spatii de depozitare. Marketplace-ul Storage-Logistics permite companiilor care sunt in cautare de spatiu de depozitare temporar sa identifice spatiile de depozitare cu facilitati incluse disponibile in piata, pentru cantitatea de marfa si perioada de timp necesara.

Conectand nevoia de depozitare cu spatiul de depozitare disponibil in piata, Storage-Logistics rezolva usor si eficient problema flexibilitati spatiilor de depozitare cu facilitati incluse, oferind o solutie pentru perioadele de incertitudine sau pentru o depozitare neplanificata cu care companiile se confrunta adesea in piata. Celor care detin spatii de depozitare proprii cu facilitati incluse – Storage Logistics le propune generarea unor noi fluxuri de venit si grade de ocupare mai mari. Astfel, oferim o solutie hibrida de abordare a logisticii din care toti actorii implicati au de castigat

Care sunt aspectele esentiale sau inovatoare ale solutiei propuse de voi?

La sfarsitul anului 2020 Storage- Logistics a pus un pariu pe Economia Colaborativa B2B pentru piata spatiilor de depozitare. Am introdus acest concept inovator pe piata din Romania fiind convinsi ca multe din companiile din piata vor identifica multiple avantaje din folosirea resurselor de spatiu de depozitare liber, ca vor profita de oportunitatea de a deveni mai profitabile prin reducerea costurilor si de a nu se angaja pe termen lung la contracte de inchiriere a unor spatii de depozitare prea mari.

Inainte de aparitia marketplace-ului Storage Logistics nu a existat nici o modalitate de a genera venituri din spatiu excedentar nefolosit pe care il detineau depozitele. Orice spatiu nefolosit din depozite are un efect negativ asupra afacerii in sine deoarece profiturile sunt reduse si banii sunt irositi, si vorbim de un minim de 10-15% din total spatiu pe care il detin depozitele.

Cum si de ce a ales Storage-Logistics sa aiba birourile la Hotspot?

In opinia mea HOTSPOT, prin spatiile de Coworking /Openspace, reprezinta tot o economie colaborativa B2B. Eu cred cu tarie ca acesta este viitorul si mi se pare normal ca Storage-Logistics sa isi desfasoare activitatea aici! Storage-Logistics este un start-up la inceput de drum, care poate creste organic sau brusc in functie de multe variabile, am luat decizia tinand cont de toate scenariile si fiind pregatita pentru orice situatie.

Economia colaborativa vine cu o multitudine de avantaje bazate pe eficienta si timp pentru dezvoltarea business-ului si nevoile clientilor, in plus este usoara si facila! Cred ca motivele pentru care sa o alegi sunt suficiente « platesti cat si ce folosesti ».

Care sunt facilitatile de la Hotspot care va sunt cele mai utile in activitatea voastra?

Am regasit in HOTSPOT ceea ce si clientii Storage-Logistics au gasit in platforma noastra, FLEXIBILITATEA, transformarea costurilor fixe in costuri variabile si posibilitatea de a de a avea acces la un serviciu complet fara a mai fi preocupat de partea administrativa sau logistica.

Cum se simte echipa aici?

Imi place sa spun ca Hotspot este mai mult decat un furnizor de spatiu, ne simtim aici ca acasa si sunt convinsa ca daca voi avea nevoie de spatiu pentru mai mult personal, vom gasi impreuna o solutie.

#MembersOfHotspot – Interview with Daiana Altinay, Marketing Director Media Box

Today’s interview reaches another creative Hotspot member that we welcomed recently – Media Box – and we want to give them a great “WELCOME!” from our community!
Daiana Altinay, Marketing Director – Media Box, opened the door for us to get a glimpse of their TV production world and told us how their team feels at Hotspot.


Tell us a few words about the activity of Media Box!

Our company is called Media Box and its main activity is TV production. We are involved in several projects in the country and abroad, the most important at the moment being MasterChef which will be broadcast next year on Pro TV and Femeia Alege which can already be seen on Pro 2.


Why Hotspot Workhub?
We chose Hotspot because we really liked the concept. There are many pluses that I can list here among the most important being: feel good atmosphere, dynamic environment, ready-made office spaces, central location, and last but not least an extremely friendly management 🙂


How does the team feel here?
All of us feel very good about you and I think they will miss the office work now that they will have to spend more time in the studio.


How would you describe Hotspot in three words?
Hotspot in 3 words for me would be: Cool, Dynamic,Flexible.



#MembersOfHotspot – Interviu cu Daiana Altinay, Marketing Director Media Box


Interviul de astazi ajunge la un alt membru creativ de la Hotspot – Media Box – care ni s-a alaturat recent si caruia dorim sa ii uram un mare “BUN VENIT!” din partea comunitatii noastre!
Daiana Altinay, Director de Marketing – Media Box, ne-a deschis putin usa pentru a arunca o privire in lumea productiei TV si ne-a povestit cum se simte echipa lor la Hotspot.


Spune-ne cateva cuvinte despre activitatea Media Box!
Compania noastra se numeste Media Box si are ca principal obiect de activitate productia TV. Suntem implicati in mai multe proiecte in tara si in strainatate, cele mai importante la acest moment fiind MasterChef care se va difuza anul viitor la Pro TV si Femeia Alege care se poate vedea deja pe Pro 2.


De ce Hotspot Workhub?
Am ales Hotspot pentru ca ne-a placut foarte mult conceptul. Sunt multe plusuri pe care le pot enumera aici, printre cele mai importante fiind: feel good atmosphere, mediu dinamic, spatii de birou ready-made, locatie centrala, si nu in ultimul rand un management extrem de friendly 🙂


Cum se simte echipa aici?
Toți ai nostri se simt foarte bine la voi și cred ca le va lipsi munca de birou, acum ca vor fi nevoiti sa petreaca mai mult timp la studio.


Cum ai descrie Hotspot in trei cuvinte?
Hotspot in 3 cuvinte pentru mine ar fi: Cool, Dinamic, Flexibil.

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