#MembersOfHotspot – Interview with Bojan Petrovic – Head of sales Central and Eastern Europe / Global channel partnership lead, PlanRadar

For those who don’t know you yet, please tell us a few words about PlanRadar.

PlanRadar is an award-winning digital SaaS field management platform that digitizes all daily processes and communication across real estate and construction.

The company was founded in 2013 and it operates across the globe in over 65 markets with over 120,000 professionals that are using digital solutions to track, connect and solve issues on-and off-site. Available in 21 languages, PlanRadar can be used across all iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

In 2022, PlanRadar raised $69 million to Digitize Global Construction & Real Estate Industry, opened offices in the USA, the UAE, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil and increased teamsize by approx. 80%.

Due to its versatility and innovation, PlanRadar’s founding team won last year (2022) the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2022 in Start-up Category.

What are the essential or innovative aspects of the solution you propose?

PlanRadar connects all project stakeholders and provides real-time access to valuable project data, enabling teams to increase quality, cut costs and realize work faster. The easy-to-use platform adds value to every person involved in a building’s lifecycle, from contractors and engineers to property managers and owners, with flexible capabilities for all company sizes and processes.

PlanRadar platform capabilities: Construction Management, Real Estate Operations, Reporting & Insights, Document Management, Plan Management, Schedule, Integration, Security & Data Protection.

PlanRadar is now being used for a wide range of applications in various industries, ranging from quality control in construction to facility management in the automotive sector. In Romania, PlanRadar is used in over 1.000 construction sites.

Tell us a few words about the collaboration between Hotspot and PlanRadar? How and why did the company choose to have offices at Hotspot Skyhub?

The first client that chose #HotspotSkyhub for its team in Romania was PlanRadar. REC was also #PlanRadar’s first local client, with a challenging and revealing project that confirmed the clear growth trend of the #Proptech sector. In addition, the transparency and flexibility of the offices developed by #REC convinced us to choose the space at #Skyhub for our team in Romania, being created to the highest quality standards.

It is a great symbiosis, and our mutual colleagues can confirm this aspect.

How is the team doing here?

Working in a pleasant environment is undoubtedly helpful to work better. The general environment is very pleasant, and the team is satisfied with it.

What are Skyhub’s facilities that are most useful and enjoyable for you in your business?

I believe the two premises I can think of are convenience and design.

The location is well connected to public transport and road infrastructure, very well-equipped and flexible office display, lobby area, meeting rooms, and a lot of useful tech features and facilities.

Designed by experienced professionals, Hotspot offers high ceilings, plenty of natural light and optimal climate control as well as great designer objects – and I would mention here the collaboration with Vitra for instance.

If you were to describe Hotspot Skyhub in three words, what would those be?

Hotspot for tech companies.

#MeetTheTeam behind Hotspot Skyhub – Elisa Mori

Interview with Elisa Mori – Architect

1. What is your part in the Hotspot Skyhub project?

As partner of the studio Biroarchitetti, I’m part of the design team of Hotspot Skyhub.
Every project we develop is the result of a wonderful team work where design, inspirations, concepts and ideas are mixed together to reach the perfect balance. I’m especially in charge of the main selection of materials, furniture and innovative elements.

2. What are some innovative features that you brought here?

One of the bases of the new Hotspot concept is the idea to work in the office and feel at home. From such as starting point we decide to add a “warm and green touch” developed with:
1. The green grass glass, playing with the effects of the rippled glass and the graphic print
2. Jungle relaxing area, a real garden to relax and disconnect
3. Innovative and flexible lighting system.

3. What do you think about the project, space, and location of Hotspot Skyhub?

We know the project from the very first seeds, we believe in it, we love it, and we are part of it!
The space and location of Skyhub are really special, one of the best selections in Bucarest.

4. You also worked on the Hotspot Workhub project. Can you tell us what both of the projects have in common and what are the highlights of each project individually?

The Hotspot Workhub project was born to create a new standard of working space: technical and modern buildings, maximum flexibility in layout and a high level of finishes and furniture. The added value was the creation of a community, not only in order to share space but also passions like art, design, graphics, and so on. This community is now the core element of the space.
Hotspot Skyhub of course runs in the same direction, adding as “special” value the idea to feel at home. A cozy and warm selection of finishes added to the big presence of plants and green touch are mixed with the flexibility and modernity of the Workhub. Two special and different spaces, part of the same lovely community.



#MeetTheTeam behind Hotspot Skyhub – Alexandra Damaschin

Interview with Alexandra Damaschin – Community Manager

1. What is your part in the Hotspot Skyhub project?

As a Community Manager, my mission is to transform the workspace into an environment that encourages an open community, prioritize the well-being of employees, cultivate collaboration and enhance creativity.

2. What are some innovative features that you brought here?

Automatic technology solutions like meeting room bookings, membership management and secure access will provide a stress-free occupation so our customers can focus on running and growing their businesses.

Giving our members a great experience every day at the office is my number one priority.

3. What do you think about the project, space, and location of Hotspot Skyhub?

All offices will have natural light, openable windows, interactive screens and can be equipped with video conferencing devices, so that team members working from home can be integrated into the office teams. Beside the high-quality furniture and high-tech flex offices, I’m sure that everybody will love the breathtaking view from Hotspot Skyhub.



#MeetTheTeam behind Hotspot Skyhub – Ece Öner

Interview with Ece Öner – Architect for the new location 

1. What is your part in the Hotspot Skyhub project?
I am an architect contributing and collaborating on the architectural drawings both in the definitive phase and in the construction phase of the Hotspot Skyhub project.

2. What are some innovative features that you brought here?
We as biroarchitetti look for realizing our ideas with solutions that are flexible; solutions made with components that are reversible for a possible future change of use. In this case, we work with modular solutions, using elements like glass partitions, gypsumboard walls, and even at a more detailed level, as lighting units, we chose a system that gives us the freedom to design in a reversible way.

3. What do you think about the project, space, and location of Hotspot Skyhub?
The overall renovation project aims to create co-working spaces that provide a wide range of order of the space, for any possible use scenario, meanwhile proposing common recreational spaces that provide areas for a pause and chit-chat.
The Orhideea Towers, being in the heart of the city of Bucharest, let the users experience urban life at its best; especially by giving the chance to examine a beautiful sunset and the skyline of the city. Yet, this renders the design of common recreational spaces of Hotspot Skyhub to engage with the city that lives out there, by creating these spaces oriented towards the lively views of the city.



#HotspotInterview with Ionut Codreanu – Head of Studio Funcom Bucharest

Today is a big day for one of our #MembersOfHotspot: Funcom launches the much awaited game Metal: Hellsinger, a rhythm FPS, brimming with impressively designed characters, powerful weapons, and metal music. A big congrats from our #hotspotcommunity! On this occasion we had a talk with Ionut Codreanu – Head of Studio Funcom Bucharest – about their super team, what the local studio does and their creative world at Hotspot:


Tell us a few words about Funcom global.

Funcom is a Norwegian company, one of the oldest in the gaming industry. We have been on the market for 29 years, so we’re also one of the long lasting companies. In all this time, Funcom gained a wide experience from its ups and downs and the variations of the industry. We are proud of our moments of resounding success but also of overcoming the challenging ones.


What do you consider were two of those pivotal moments?

We have one of the oldest games still alive, released 20 years ago – Anarchy Online – a MMO. At the time, it was a technological and design breakthrough. An innovative game that built a very engaged community that is still playing and that is stil active, after all these years, keeping the game alive.

The more difficult moments were generated by the fact that we are a company that took risks and wanted to grow, to do something new, to innovate. And business is no different than life: Earn or learn. Learning can come with certain costs. 

But we overcame all the situations and now we are again in a period of accelerated growth. We have the very popular Conan Exiles game on the market, which has more than five million people who have tried it. Also, we are working on Dune Awakening, an MMO survival game in Frank Herbert’s universe. It’s a big game, our most ambitious game yet.


What was your first impression about Hotspot Workhub?

Hotspot amazed me. When we were scouting for the future space of Funcom Bucharest, it was among the options that we knew nothing about. Initially, I came somewhat circumspect but I was impressed. I realized that it is truly a space for professionals.

I noticed the very open and bright lobby and the innovative concepts, such as these surprising office areas positioned on two levels on the same floor. Everything is of quality and you feel you can work efficiently. It has a catchy and smart design – not too sober, not too crowded – something you rarely find in coworking spaces. Also the furniture and the color palette of the space are also very important. Here you find a very good balance in all these aspects. You can work quietly, without distractions, the flow of the day is smooth, from the work space to the relaxation and dining areas. It’s those little things that make the difference in the long run.


What does the team from Hotspot work at?

A year ago we opened a center of excellence for quality assurance, located in Horspot Workhub. The team from Bucharest is working on these two games I was talking about – Conan Exiles and Dune – but worked also on Metal: Hellsinger to prepare it for release. It was announced recently and had a demo with very good reviews and feedback from players and critics.

In parallel, we are also focusing on opening an automation team, which will work closely with the QA team, but also for everything that means automation and processes in game development.


How was the team’s process of development in Hotspot Horkhub?

The team has grown a lot on Quality Assurance. We started in a very small office compared to what we have now. There was initially one man who worked locally, then two, three, five. From five people we already predicted that we would grow quite quickly – 10 more people were already coming. So we made our first expansion in Hotspot, the second was with a larger space, and now we are at the third expansion.


What Hotspot facilities does the team use and likes?

The lobby offers you a lot of space and gives you the feeling of freedom. At dinner it turns into a social area where members gather, eat and discuss. Many connections have already been created between colleagues from different companies. We also really like the conference room, where we even organized a Dune screening. We made a total event around this projection and we were able to transpose our concept in this space – popcorn machine, decorations, etc. I cannot fail to mention the game corner that we created together with Hotspot where you can go during breaks to relax with a game. Also, I have to mention a little personal pleasure, the fact that we have a mineral water option!

The space is always functional!  You have options at your fingertips for the various daily needs, balancing the facilities and needs for quieter or private moments, with those for the moments when you want interaction. It helps you to have the life and work balance you are looking for.


What are Funcom Bucharest’s future perspectives?

We are working on our most ambitious game and it will be another boom for the company. It’s a game in Frank Herbert’s universe. Last year the film got a resounding success, including this year at the Oscars. And we take this universe excellently staged by Denis Villeneuve and make an excellent game with it. Yes…no pressure! It’s a challenge, but we all want it! You want to have the opportunity to create something extraordinary, to create entertainment. It’s one of the dreams of game creators and creators in general – to have the opportunity to create something exceptional for the user.


Last but not least: How would you describe Hotspot in 3 words?

Bright, vibrant and of quality.

I mention here that the most important thing and what I liked here the most was the openness of the people, the flexibility. But I would’t use “flexible” among these words, because it would say less than I want to say. Over the course of a year, we expanded three times and always found suitable solutions, so that people stay together. We had ideas out of the box and we had a partner with whom we could implement them. We were also able to initiate projects, which is the dream of any entrepreneur.


#MeetTheTeam behind Hotspot Skyhub – Stefan Davidovici

Interview with Stefan Davidovici – Architect for the new location 

1. What is your part in the Hotspot Skyhub project?
Together with my colleagues in the team of Biroarchitetti, a Milan-based architecture office, we provide the design of the Hotspot Skyhub space, with all its details, all the way from concept to the end of the building process.

2. What are some innovative features that you brought here?
Innovation is inherent to all our projects because we always try to approach all our projects as if they were the first projects of their kind we have ever made. This – together with the constant, lively dialogue with the client that is essential in the design of Hotspot Skyhub – allows us to customize, adapt, research, and invent constantly.

3. What do you think about the project, space, and location of Hotspot Skyhub?
The project? I like it, of course! 🙂 The space is generous and full of light. I think it’s one of the most beautiful spaces I have worked with. But first of all, I’m a mountaineer, fascinated by heights and by panoramas and by the sky, and Hotspot Skyhub has them all.

4. You also worked on the Hotspot Workhub project. Can you tell us what both of the projects have in common and what are the highlights of each project individually?

Each Hotspot is born in a different space and has different requirements, but all share some common DNA which I will try to describe: The Hotspots are born from the vision, effort, fight, and perseverance of Tudor Popp. I guess that us, the whole design team at Biroarchitetti, and Tudor, have in common the wish to keep our heads in the clouds and our feet firmly on the ground at the same time. The two Hotspots – as hopefully others will be in the future – definitely reflect this combination. They are perfectible, flexible, ever-changing machines made to help actual human beings work in the most enjoyable and efficient way possible.



#MeetTheTeam behind Hotspot Skyhub – Gavril Cornelius

Interview with Gavril Cornelius – Gardner for the new location 

1. What is your part in the Hotspot Skyhub project?
My wish is to bring a piece of “Nature as Self-Care” to the Hotspot’s offices.
This is, after all, your indoor garden and dream space, and I want you to feel you are part of the design process.
All my life I have been interested in and worked in gardens, gardening, landscaping, and indoor-garden design.
So, I am the “green thumb” of this project.

2. What are some innovative features that you brought here?
In an indoor space, a plant can be a garnish on a dresser or the theme for the entire space and anywhere in between. Indoor green spaces inside the workplace make your day much more enjoyable and healthy. Incorporating nature by adding more flowers and other greenery to an indoor space not only improves health and wellness, but it can also increase productivity. Plants have the ability to directly bring green, living nature into the indoor environment.

3. What do you think about the project, space, and location of Hotspot Skyhub?
In the last few years, the office space became a powerful tool to foster engagement, inspire innovation, and drive productivity. In Hotspot’s case, I like the way the whole workplace was redesigned to support organizational priorities. There are certain design elements you can expect in a modern office, like the space, the furniture, the air, the light etc. But some of the most successful companies in the world incorporate indoor plants and courtyard landscaping into their office layouts. This is also because studies show that plants help enhance employees’ health and well-being by decreasing carbon dioxide levels.



#MeetTheTeam behind Hotspot Skyhub – Pauline Roussel

Interview with Pauline Roussel – Co-Author of “Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces”

1. What is your part in the Hotspot Skyhub project?
I am helping the Hotspot team with the overall experience they offer to their community. While at the beginning we started with Hotspot Workhub (the first location of Hotspot), we now have the great challenge to create an experience that will be as outstanding as in the first space, while also connecting both locations so members can interact with each other and network.

2. What are some innovative features that you brought here?
Our work with the operational team is probably more subtle than the architecture or interior design work, meaning it might not be something that you can see directly but let’s say that we focused on the tiny little details of members’ experiences to make sure that from day one, they can have a seamless experience and focus on what matters most: growing their business.

3. What do you think about the project, space and location of Hotspot Skyhub?
I am really excited about this new opening and can’t wait to see it for myself. The entire team has worked really hard in bringing to life yet another outstanding workspace in Bucharest and I am sure that future members will have an outstanding experience and… an outstanding view!



#HotspotInterview with Roxana Schiopu – Contract Manager and Finance Lead at REC Immpuls, subsidiary of REC Partners GmbH

Who is REC Immpuls?

REC immpuls is a 100 percent subsidiary of REC Partners GmbH with Offices in Frankfurt, Cologne, Bochum and Bucharest. REC is specialized in planning, project management and consulting for commercial real estate and it is active all over Europe.

REC is also the team of experts who created the first Hotspot and one of its first members. How is it to work from here every day? What do you like the most?

Working from Hotspot has always been a pleasure for me. I feel like it provides it all: great office, excellent meeting/event venue, friendly environment.

Hotspot is opening its second location, Hotspot Skyhub, having REC behind all the work one more time. What do you think about the project, space and location of Hotspot Skyhub?

I am very excited about the opening of Hotspot’s second location in Orhideea Towers, an emblematic building, located in the central-western business district of Bucharest. Easily accessible by car and public transportation the location is a perfect fit for Hotspot Skyhub. Will REC move its offices to try the new location and its own creation? The entire team wishes to experience the spirit of the new Hotspot and for sure we will spend some quality time in the new location once it’s finished.

Can you tell us if the two projects have things in common and how are they different?

Both projects are similar in terms of business operating model and quality standard of the services offered, but the interior design of Hotspot Skyhub is different from the one of Hotspot Workhub, as it needed to be adapted to the new space (different volumetry, different light, location on the upper levels of the building).

How would you describe Hotspot in 3 words?
Dynamic, Cozy, High-class.

#HotspotNews – Fantastic Perspectives

Dear friends,

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our new space – Hotspot Skyhub – located on the top floors of the Orhideea Towers, that will open in Q4 2022. The amazing view, the openable windows in each room, the fact that all the offices will have natural light plus the super flexible space configuration will make Hotspot Skyhub very attractive!

The same team behind the award winning Hotspot Workhub are designing your future innovative, cool and high-tech flex office.


The flexible room layout allows you adapt your space to your current and future hybrid work arrangements without a long term financial burden. The main office unit of 10 WP can be combined into larger units (multiple of 10) and form private suites matching the need of agile companies.

Lush relaxation areas with breathtaking views over the city as well as the multimedia environment will fascinate your employees and your clients. Your office will be a great argument for attracting and retaining talent.

Just 10 minutes away from the City Center, the location itself adds to the quality of a lifestyle any employee desires: an excellent road infrastructure and connection to the public transport, neighbouring universities, student campuses and big retail stores.


Book now and get 10% discount on your first 3 months rentals.

Please get in touch with our Community Manager Alexandra Damaschin

+40 (765) 944 045


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