#MeetTheTeam behind Hotspot Skyhub – Elisa Mori

Interview with Elisa Mori – Architect

1. What is your part in the Hotspot Skyhub project?

As partner of the studio Biroarchitetti, I’m part of the design team of Hotspot Skyhub.
Every project we develop is the result of a wonderful team work where design, inspirations, concepts and ideas are mixed together to reach the perfect balance. I’m especially in charge of the main selection of materials, furniture and innovative elements.

2. What are some innovative features that you brought here?

One of the bases of the new Hotspot concept is the idea to work in the office and feel at home. From such as starting point we decide to add a “warm and green touch” developed with:
1. The green grass glass, playing with the effects of the rippled glass and the graphic print
2. Jungle relaxing area, a real garden to relax and disconnect
3. Innovative and flexible lighting system.

3. What do you think about the project, space, and location of Hotspot Skyhub?

We know the project from the very first seeds, we believe in it, we love it, and we are part of it!
The space and location of Skyhub are really special, one of the best selections in Bucarest.

4. You also worked on the Hotspot Workhub project. Can you tell us what both of the projects have in common and what are the highlights of each project individually?

The Hotspot Workhub project was born to create a new standard of working space: technical and modern buildings, maximum flexibility in layout and a high level of finishes and furniture. The added value was the creation of a community, not only in order to share space but also passions like art, design, graphics, and so on. This community is now the core element of the space.
Hotspot Skyhub of course runs in the same direction, adding as “special” value the idea to feel at home. A cozy and warm selection of finishes added to the big presence of plants and green touch are mixed with the flexibility and modernity of the Workhub. Two special and different spaces, part of the same lovely community.



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