#MeetTheTeam behind Hotspot Skyhub – Stefan Davidovici

Interview with Stefan Davidovici – Architect for the new location 

1. What is your part in the Hotspot Skyhub project?
Together with my colleagues in the team of Biroarchitetti, a Milan-based architecture office, we provide the design of the Hotspot Skyhub space, with all its details, all the way from concept to the end of the building process.

2. What are some innovative features that you brought here?
Innovation is inherent to all our projects because we always try to approach all our projects as if they were the first projects of their kind we have ever made. This – together with the constant, lively dialogue with the client that is essential in the design of Hotspot Skyhub – allows us to customize, adapt, research, and invent constantly.

3. What do you think about the project, space, and location of Hotspot Skyhub?
The project? I like it, of course! 🙂 The space is generous and full of light. I think it’s one of the most beautiful spaces I have worked with. But first of all, I’m a mountaineer, fascinated by heights and by panoramas and by the sky, and Hotspot Skyhub has them all.

4. You also worked on the Hotspot Workhub project. Can you tell us what both of the projects have in common and what are the highlights of each project individually?

Each Hotspot is born in a different space and has different requirements, but all share some common DNA which I will try to describe: The Hotspots are born from the vision, effort, fight, and perseverance of Tudor Popp. I guess that us, the whole design team at Biroarchitetti, and Tudor, have in common the wish to keep our heads in the clouds and our feet firmly on the ground at the same time. The two Hotspots – as hopefully others will be in the future – definitely reflect this combination. They are perfectible, flexible, ever-changing machines made to help actual human beings work in the most enjoyable and efficient way possible.



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