#HotspotInterview with Roxana Schiopu – Contract Manager and Finance Lead at REC Immpuls, subsidiary of REC Partners GmbH

Who is REC Immpuls?

REC immpuls is a 100 percent subsidiary of REC Partners GmbH with Offices in Frankfurt, Cologne, Bochum and Bucharest. REC is specialized in planning, project management and consulting for commercial real estate and it is active all over Europe.

REC is also the team of experts who created the first Hotspot and one of its first members. How is it to work from here every day? What do you like the most?

Working from Hotspot has always been a pleasure for me. I feel like it provides it all: great office, excellent meeting/event venue, friendly environment.

Hotspot is opening its second location, Hotspot Skyhub, having REC behind all the work one more time. What do you think about the project, space and location of Hotspot Skyhub?

I am very excited about the opening of Hotspot’s second location in Orhideea Towers, an emblematic building, located in the central-western business district of Bucharest. Easily accessible by car and public transportation the location is a perfect fit for Hotspot Skyhub. Will REC move its offices to try the new location and its own creation? The entire team wishes to experience the spirit of the new Hotspot and for sure we will spend some quality time in the new location once it’s finished.

Can you tell us if the two projects have things in common and how are they different?

Both projects are similar in terms of business operating model and quality standard of the services offered, but the interior design of Hotspot Skyhub is different from the one of Hotspot Workhub, as it needed to be adapted to the new space (different volumetry, different light, location on the upper levels of the building).

How would you describe Hotspot in 3 words?
Dynamic, Cozy, High-class.

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