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Dear friends,

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our new space – Hotspot Skyhub – located on the top floors of the Orhideea Towers, that will open in Q4 2022. The amazing view, the openable windows in each room, the fact that all the offices will have natural light plus the super flexible space configuration will make Hotspot Skyhub very attractive!

The same team behind the award winning Hotspot Workhub are designing your future innovative, cool and high-tech flex office.


The flexible room layout allows you adapt your space to your current and future hybrid work arrangements without a long term financial burden. The main office unit of 10 WP can be combined into larger units (multiple of 10) and form private suites matching the need of agile companies.

Lush relaxation areas with breathtaking views over the city as well as the multimedia environment will fascinate your employees and your clients. Your office will be a great argument for attracting and retaining talent.

Just 10 minutes away from the City Center, the location itself adds to the quality of a lifestyle any employee desires: an excellent road infrastructure and connection to the public transport, neighbouring universities, student campuses and big retail stores.


Book now and get 10% discount on your first 3 months rentals.

Please get in touch with our Community Manager Alexandra Damaschin

+40 (765) 944 045


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