Meet the people behind Hotspot Café’s yummy foods – London Street Bakery

In this short interview you get to meet the creative people behind the food brand served at Hotspot Café: London Street Bakery! They make delicious hand-made food, 100% Gluten Free and 0 % refined sugar!

They put a lot of dedication in all the cooking process and use only natural ingredients that are also rich in nutrients. They love to make tasty vegan food too, high in protein and low in carbs.


What is your food philosophy?

It has to taste good AND be nutritious! It’s very easy to have one without the other and quite complex to make a vegan gluten free low calories meal that doesn’t taste like cardboard 🙂

Tell us a few words about you two, please.

We are currently working on a bigger project to encompass the two brands we have now which are the LoveBirds Crackers and the London Street Bakery products from Hotspot, but you can find us and our weekly menu at

Tudor is a graphic designer and a chef:
Started cooking 10 years ago, always enjoyed it, wanted to make a business out of it and chose to make a bunch of goodies for a lot of people to enjoy. Takes care of the kitchen where all the magic happens and creates logos and packaging in his free time. Loves raccoons, pasta and red wine.

Rachel is an accountant and a chef:
Started cooking 30 years ago with her family, had a restaurant and a catering business also wanted to cook and provide friends and customers with awesome products so she started the kitchen where we do our thing. Tries to bake as much as humanly possible.
Loves jam, traveling and baking.

How is London Street Bakery at Hotspot events? 

For each event we want to set up a refreshing menu, suited for the place and the context. So great tasting, nutritious snack and light food ideas, not heavy or carb rich. At Hotspot Café we serve high protein gluten free food. This is a perfect fit for such an active place. For events that take place here, we are channeling the same energy and try to make lovely quick bites that taste great but don’t leave you lethargic. So, on short – vegetarian, quick and energetic. This is how it was also for our first event here – Hotspot Aperitivo.

What made you choose to collaborate with Hotspot Workhub?
We chose Hotspot because we met in the same diagram of principles so we’re a great fit for each other.

Tell us in three words what food means for you.
Delicious, veggie and nutritious.


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