#MembersOfProxi – Interview with Ada Antofi, Visual Content Creator

We’re back with our series of #MembersOfProxi interviews with entrepreneurs, teams and freelancers who chose the inspiring space of Hotspot Proxi – Modul flexoffice for their remote work. This time, we had the chance to talk to the members of a creative agency.

Ada Antofi, the visual content creator, was more than happy to let us take a peek behind the scenes of what she does and share her impressions of this #hotspotspace.

Hey, Ada! Please tell us a few words about you and your work!

Hey! I am 23 years old and passionate about visual content creation, fashion and beauty. I work on different projects now, doing photo shootings, video content and visual identities for various brands.

Each day comes with surprises as we have a very dynamic rhythm, but I am flexible and eager to help build the new projects together with the team.

What was the process in choosing the flexible working option?

Since the pandemic, our agency decided to let us work from wherever we feel safe and comfortable. So, even if we sometimes gather the entire team, most of the time we keep virtual meetings and everybody works from home or any other space that has the facilities we need.

Why did you choose to work from Hotspot Proxi?

I really enjoy working from Hotspot Proxi because it’s in the center of the city, so me and my colleagues can easily arrive here and also this place has that cozy atmosphere I am looking for all the time. It’s quiet, relaxing so I can be very productive and creative in what I do. Not to mention the great coffee and tea!

How would you describe Hotspot Proxi Modul in 3 words?

Cozy, playful, creative.

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