A new trend has arisen: Working remotely from the Ski Resort

At the beginning of the year we have the best time for skiing or snowboarding, as the temperatures drop and there is plenty of snow on the slopes. Experienced skiers, but also intermediates can really cover some ground, as most of the ski resorts are open by now – locally and in other countries. There are plenty of  ski schools and instructors, so it can be the perfect time for beginners to start learning a new sport and discover a new passion.

The pandemics helped with the concept of remote working (and a more flexible schedule), so why not work in the mornings and enjoy the ski slope during the lunch break or in the afternoon? A lot of employees, but also managers, CEOs and freelancers took the opportunity and chose the ski resorts instead of their home town for this month. It is an enjoyable way of spending the first month of the year and also a great way to tick some resolutions regarding sport and movement early on.

The last two years showed us the importance of sport for a healthy lifestyle and for a fresh mind and increased motivation at work, so working remotely from the ski resort can help you be productive and relax at the same time.

Spend time with your family in some fresh and open air and get them involved in some fun activities together on weekends or in the afternoon, after work. The working program is now more flexible than ever, so it’s up to you how you spend your free time. Ski schools, nurseries or children playgrounds can be found in almost every resort, so don’t worry about this. Every member of the family can find a way of enjoying it.

Combine working with skiing and discover new places, new cultures, new people. Taste different food and enjoy the change of scenery once in a while. Everything you could imagine is now possible and it can be done easily. You need only a laptop and some WIFI at the hotel room and you can keep all your meetings online and work in the same way as you did from home.

If you haven’t already booked your tickets or you plan a second trip, now is the perfect time!

When you are back in Bucharest, a new flexoffice for your remote work awaits to be discovered: Hotspot Proxi, situated in Modul Carturesti, at the ground floor of the University of Architecture and Urban Planning of Bucharest. Freshly open in the heart of the city center: https://www.facebook.com/ModulCarturesti

You have here all the professional facilities you need to work on your projects and a bohemian atmosphere that for sure will inspire you every day.


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