Hotspot Proxi – Official Opening & Book Launch

We meet again with our friends from abroad – Pauline Roussel and Dimitar Inchev – two entrepreneurs who travelled around the world and gathered a whole bunch of know-how and interesting stories about flex working and travelling.

After the digital book launch at Hotspot Workhub, this time we will enjoy the printed book for the first time in the welcoming space of HOTSPOT Proxi flexoffice in Verso Carturesti (Floreasca 111-113, inside of Agora Floreasca, 1st floor), Thursday, September 30th.

Save the date and follow us on our social media platforms for more details! Cool guests & interesting talks will be on the list.
See you there!

The book is the outcome of 5 years of traveling, exploring new types of work environments to understand their impact on people and cities.
“Its purpose is to inspire the curious, give knowledge to the seekers and encourage the indecisive.”
TRAVEL to different cities and explore a diverse set of coworking spaces
LEARN the entrepreneurial stories of the people who made them
GRASP a global view of what is coworking and get a better understanding of the impact it has on cities, communities, and people
143% Funded on Kickstarter!

Pauline Roussel and Dimitar Inchev met in a coworking space in Berlin back in 2015. Triggered by what they experienced within the space they belonged to, the duo got curious about understanding the added-value of coworking spaces and collaborative workspaces on people.
Using Berlin at first as their exploration playground, interviewing people running and using those spaces, they furthered their journey across Europe and, with time, across other continents.
Overall, Pauline and Dimitar have visited over the last 5 years, 420 coworking spaces across 47 cities from Tokyo to New York.

MEET Hotspot Proxithe NEW coworking space in Carturesti Verso, the cool fusion between a famous bookstore and a professional flexoffice!
Hotspot Proxi is an innovative project signed by Hotspot Workhub and Carturesti, located on the first floor of Agora Floreasca, which combines the atmosphere of Carturesti bookstore with all the facilities of a coworking space. The workspace is integrated into a creative shopping studio, awarded for design within the Bucharest Architecture Annual: Carturesti Verso.
Whether you wear the hat of an entrepreneur, you are a member of a team in a company or a freelancer, a comfortable environment is waiting for you, and you have all the facilities you need: multifunction printer, interactive screen, meeting space, and high internet speed. This can be the best place to start your mornings with the coffee you love or an aromatic tea, reading your favorite book, and then start working at your favorite office with ergonomic furniture. Natural light and ambient music will help you focus and work on your projects.

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