BREEAM certification for fit-out of first Hotspot in Bucharest

Hotspot will be the first company in Romania to certify the fit-out of its coworking space as BREEAM Excellent. The 2,000-square-meter space is located in Bucharest’s new high-tech office building The Mark, owned by Austrian S IMMO AG, which has already been awarded the BREEAM Green Building Certificate.

Green Buildings become a standard for new office buildings in Romania but Hotspot goes one step further with the certification of the fit-out of its office space and sets standards for a healthy environment and sustainability of workplaces.

“The ongoing certification of our Hotspot fitout, which will open in December, confirms that our co-working space is at the forefront of environmental, economic and socio-cultural standards,” said Tudor Popp, founding partner of Hotspot. “This is very important to us, as coworking tenants increasingly pay attention to the amenities, sustainability and healthy environemnt of their office space. Because the quality of the workplace is now one of the key factors in the quest of companies for the best employees.”

With the BREEAM certification, Hotspot can point to a forward-looking concept that brings together ecology and user appeal. At the same time, the coworking provider has a unique selling proposition in Bucharest’s office real estate market. Very different aspects flow into the evaluation. Among other things, this involves sustainable planning and construction, the use of ecological building materials, technical details such as insulation and connectivity, as well as accessibility and lighting quality.

Following the successful completion of the pre-assessment, the fitout of Hotspot is currently in the site monitoring phase. The construction is evaluated and all details of the building materials used are collected and tested for sustainability. “We expect Hotspot’s BREEAM certification as a sustainable coworking space labeled Excellent at the end of this year,” adds Tudor Popp.


BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and most widely used voluntary certification method for real estate, incorporating many environmental and sustainability aspects. The high standards serve as a yardstick for the environmental impact of a building.


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